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Interested in being the bank, low risk investments, and/or returns greater than 12%? Everyday, I talk to men and women who are concerned about saving, college funds and retirement. The question is "will they have enough when the time comes?" We are all in the same boat. We want to create more wealth. I have a solution. Ask me how to earn 12%, 16%, 25% using tax liens or buying deeply discounted real estate using tax deeds?

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The Tax Lien Concierge facilitates curious and season real estate investors in tax lien investing that provides member with a hands-on investing experience. participants use their knowledge to avoid pitfalls when actively investing for themselves in the field, Westover says. The meeting agenda consist of progressive tax lien lessons, worksheets, and researching. Participants visit numerous tax lien counties via online portals and become familiar with local auction rules and regulations. To apply for membership, complete the application. Join the club!

Once, the application is complete, you are eligible for a complimentary 15-minute tax lien introductory session. You can schedule an appointment using he following ink: .

Being a real estate investor, requires that you take action. With our program, you are not alone. The mastermind concept offers a supportive, peer to peer opportunity to learn.

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Tax Lien Lifestyle

Cashflow Academy, a group for female real estate investors, invited me to speak about tax liens in Redondo Beach, CA. So the following day, I had the opportunity to research upcoming tax sales from a Palos Verdes Starbucks.